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Steve Marmaduke is Officially the new 3 Gun President and Match Director.

 Please direct all correspondence to him

There will be some changes at first until Steve can get some help with running the matches.

Most notably will the the return to Sunday Only Matches starting in May until further notice.

Due to his work schedule this will be necessary since he will not have the ability to get out to the range in the evenings to work on setup. If you can help with setup and with running the match on Saturday this may be avoided. If you want the matches to continue to be held on 2 days you will step up and help.

Steve Marmaduke, President/Match Director

Contact:  tn3gun@gmail.com

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Please Pre-Register!

It is much easier for everyone involved if you do

The links are on the Registration page


If something comes up and we have to cancel you can/will be notified through Practiscore.

I do not have the email database that I use to have due to a computer crash.






A link to the 3 Gun Nation Rules have been posted on the rules page. Please review them and become familiar with them if you plan on shooting 3 Gun Nation Classifiers or any of the regional matches

No Steel Core or Bi-Metal Rifle Ammo, Steel Shotgun Ammo or Armor Piercing Ammunition is to be used  during matches.

Once you remove your firearms from your vehicle and stow them in your cart / or case, they are not to be handled unless you are in the Safe Area or under the control of the Safety Officer in the bay. Failure to follow this simple rule will result in a match disqualification. A second offense and you won't be invited back.

The only time that Rifle practice for a 3 Gun match is allowed is on the day of the match between 9am and 10am or when I schedule a practice through the Action Shooting Board and only when there is a Range Officer present.

If you are unfamiliar with the AP Rules Please visit the Action Shooting Range Rules Page and review them.


Matches start at 10:00 AM On Site Registration starts at approximately 9:00am

Match fee's are $10 for O.R.S.A. Members; $15 for non members

3 Gun Nation Members will be required to pay $3.00 for their scores to be posted to 3 Gun Nation

Remember that Chamber Flags are mandatory for your Rifle and Shotgun. If you do not have any I try to have them for sale at the matches for $3.00 each or 2 for $5.00

We will be including stages that require the use of slugs and buckshot . So it is a good idea to bring at least 10 slugs and 5 buckshot to all matches. I will let you know well in advance when these are going to be needed, but come prepared.

After the matches it is very much appreciated if everyone can hang around to help with tearing down the stages and putting everything away.

Match Schedule for 2017

June 25th 3 Gun Nation Classifier Match

July 23rd

August 27th (Pending)

September 24th

October 29th

November 26th

December (Pending)

We will also try to have a couple of 3 Gun Nation Classifier Matches this year



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